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@socialgouv/kosko-charts - v9.19.2


This package provide kosko components and helpers for common Kubernetes use-cases in the SocialGouv GitOps infrastructure.

Components are configured with gitlab-friendly defaults and annotations and are fully customisable.

Using TypeScript, we can use the power of JavaScript and validates our manifests against kubernetes-models API, use JEST snapshot testing and have IDE autocompletion.


Its important to read the kosko documentation before proceeding.


In your project, the .k8s folder holds all the kosko configuration.

You can clone a sample folder from our template :

npx degit "SocialGouv/kosko-charts/templates/sample#master" .k8s

Add to your project package.json scripts : "k8s": "yarn --silent --cwd .k8s"

Generate manifests

Now you can generate your manifests locally or from the CI:

yarn k8s generate --env prod

See kosko documentation for more usage examples


  • app : Basic docker application with [[Deployment]], [[Service]] and [[Ingress]]
  • azure-pg : Azure Postgres related jobs
  • azure-storage : Azure Storage related jobs
  • hasura: hasura.io with [[Deployment]], [[Service]] and optionnal [[Ingress]]
  • metabase: metabase.com with [[Deployment]], [[Service]] and [[Ingress]]
  • namespace: Namespace creation
  • netpol: [[NetworkPolicy]]
  • nginx: Nginx with [[Deployment]], [[Service]] and [[Ingress]]
  • pg-secret: Postgres secrets creation
  • pgweb: PGweb with [[Deployment]], [[Service]] and [[Ingress]]
  • redis: Redis with [[Deployment]] and [[Service]]



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